Police people don talk say crowd of people wey dey vex for Indonesia don burn one man after him dem accuse am say imm thief amplifier for mosque.
Dia Oga for Police wey imm name nah Rizal Marito talk say the crowd pursue the 30-year-old man after dem see am as hin run comot from the mosque for Bekasi district wey dey near dia Indonesian capital with the amplifier.

As the mosque caretaker sea am na so hin shout Thief! na so people kon pursue am come catch am beat am well well kon pour fuel for hin body, light matches join.

D man no even waste time die based on say dem bin wound am.

People talk say the man na technician wey come to carry the amplifier go repair but Marito talk say na lie sey d man no be any technician.

The family of the man wey dem burn follow talk say make the matter just die dia say dem no go go any court.

Jungle justice dey happen well well for dah country cos of sey dem no trust dia Police nd Judge dem.


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