To get powerbank dey very useful and e good but problem fit dey when you buy or you get fake one wey fit even cause wahala give your phone as e fit damage am or d  battery or even catch fire sef and dat way, you don destroy your phone or tablet. 
So today I go epp  you so you go fit know d original and fake power Bank especially here for Naija where we be say plenty fake tins dey too much.

D first tin wey you go take know if powebank na real or fake na to check if e get brand name. 

When you wan buy powerbank, check if e get brand name unto say many powerbanks especially d ones wey dem dey sell here for Naija no dey get brand name instead wetin dem go write for d body na POWER BANK.

When you see dat kind one, no buy am, na fake power Bank and e fit damage your phone. 

Fake powerbank dey come with fake capacity like for example you see powerbank wey dem write 50000mAh for d body but e dey phone or tablet battery of 2500mAh just once or twice. Dat Power Bank na confirm fake one and if you continue to dey use am, just know say as time dey go, e go spoil your phone or tablet. 

Most fake power Banks dey always get very high capacity for d body like for example, you go see 50000Mah,100000mAh or even 30000mAh. Most of dem na fake but some fit be original sha but as long as na here for  Naija, na confirm fake, no buy!!!

How To Take Identify Original powerbank

1. Original power Bank dey come with brand name.

2. E no dey exaggerate high capacity like 30000mAh,50000mAh,100000mAh etc. 

3. D charging capacity dey go with wetin dem write for d body but dat one depend on your battery capacity too.


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