Zimbabwe first lady, Grace Mugabe, go show for court for South Africa as dey don accuse am of violence.

She don “report herself go police” but dem no arrest am, na so South African Police Minister wey be Fikile Mbalula, put am.

BBC report say, One South African model wey her name be Gabriella Engels wey dey 20years, don talk say Mrs. Mugabe use extension cord nack am for head as dem dey challenge demselves face-to-face for hotel.

She comot picture of the injury wey she get for face online.

But Mrs. Mugabe never talk anything on the matter yet.

Ms Engels talk say Mrs. Mugabe, wey dey 52years, nack am for head when she bin dey with her (first lady) two sons for one hotel room wey dey Sandton, for north Johannesburg.

Na Sunday evening dis kasala happen.

For statement, police confirm say dem no know the name of the 20-year-old South African woman but she bin don register “case of assault wey be say e for injure am pass as e be.”

Police talk say na one big woman do am dis tin for hotel for Sandton but dem no gree mention say na Mrs. Mugabe do am.


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