Naija Governors don approve d release of $1 billion to take fight Boko Haram for d country.
D money go comot from inside d excess crude oil account wey government get.

Naija get $2.3 billion for inside d account wey be extra money wey government make from d crude oil wey dem sell for international market.

Edo governor, Godwin Obaseki, talk say governors dey happy with how d federal government dey fight militants so dem gree say make dem take d money fight d fight finish.

Nigeria go use d Super Tucano A-29 plane take fight Boko Haram.

Mr Obaseki follow yan say dem go use d money buy equipment, train soldiers dem so dem go fit arrange things well-well.

Na for inside d national economic council meeting dem approve d money.

But concern dey say corruption fit make most of d money miss.

Before, corruption enter how dem take buy weapons to fight Boko Haram and former national security adviser, Sambo Dasuki, get case after dem accuse am say im corner $2.1 billion wey dem suppose use buy weapons.



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