Security agencies for Abuja bin don dey panic from early Sunday when Radio Biafra, wey be d controversial mouthpiece of d  Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) return to dia airwaves with to broadcast to take announce d shocking sack of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as IPOB leader.

Na d announcement as dem sack Kanu be d  exact tin wey make d security agencies dey worried, based on say e fit mean say another arm of IPOB fit don change just as IPOB mutate from Raph Uwazuruike Movement for d Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB).

One top national security source kon yan say: 

“Everybody don dey quiet unto d IPOB front recently. D organization don dey withdraw from d public consciousness as many Igbo people kon start to dey talk openly against d separation and disunity agenda of IPOB. D Federal Government don dey reach out to d South-East and dia State Governors don take hard stand against IPOB as dem dey accuse d organization say dem dey pursue anti-Igbo interest”.

As dem reach d height of d IPOB controversy, d national unity bin dey tasked when Northern youths kon give Igbo people wey dey live for North quit notice.

D radio programme bin start with d lady announcer wey talk say her name na Ifeoma Okorafor, she kon talk say d radio don show back on air and dem dey restructure IPOB. She den announce say “Mazi Nnamdi Nwanekaenyi Kanu, d former Director of Radio Biafra don dey dismissed and removed as Director of Radio Biafra after extensive and intensive consultations”. She kon talk say “Mazi Ezenwachukwu Sampson Okwudili na him dey replace Kanu.”

Dey never take eyes see Kanu since him run comot for Abia State after d military go him family compound some months back.

D Radio Biafra announcer kon give reasons why dem comot Kanu and d reason na:

(A) Him don carry d Biafran struggle for head like gala like say na him problem wey for Oyibo grammatical dem dey call Personified and like dis hin don leave d main purpose and objectives of IPOB as grassroots movement.

(B) Kanu actions and him decisions as him  ginger members of IPOB towards violence wey kon lead to d death of many innocent young people for Onitsha, Aba and Umuahia dey totally unacceptable and grossly irresponsible.

(C) Kanu privately collect £14m and another $22m to buy landed properties abroad with him name and dat of him Papa, Igwe Israel Kanu and na clear case of monkey dey work baboon dey chop.

(D) Kanu turn dia collective struggle into money-making enterprise for himself and him Papa. As d money wey d enterprising and hard-working Igbo youths across d world bin contribute, na one man and him Papa dey pack all, kon dey pretend say dem dey sacrifice for d cause.

(E) As dem release am from detention for April 2017, dem bin dey expect Kanu to start up support for d release of him colleagues and co-detainees such as Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi. Dese na our brothers wey dem arrested d same time with am and dey no suppose forget dem. We hereby demand dia release. Kanu, since dey release am, never talk about dem or beg for d release of dese our freedom fighters. Instead, him dey go up and down dey collect chieftaincy titles, dey form ginger d swagger kon even allow full-blooded Igbomen to kneel down dey kiss him feet.

(F) Kanu just throwey d original meaning of our collective struggle for personal gain and yeye glorification. IPOB believe in democracy as a solid base of any modern state, d rule of law, and go always reject violence in all ramifications.

D security agencies never know wetin to make of dis new development for IPOB.

D sack of Mazi Kanu na d only latest change for d checkered history of Radio Biafra, wey bin start as d mouthpiece of MASSOB. Dey kon later announce d sacking of MASSOB founder, Uwazuruike as dia Director and MASSOB leader kon replace am with Uchenna Madu.  in the task of chasing down and overcoming the enemies of Biafra” according to a statement signed by Uche Mefore as the radio’s Deputy Director.

Nnamdi Kanu himself go follow distance himself and him deputy, Uche Mefor, when Radio Biafra start to broadcast from US, after Naija jamm dia signals from Britain.

Now, dose behind dis latest change for Radio Biafra obviously bin no seek for Kanu permission; as dem sack am for dia first broadcast. 

But d security agencies no dey happy at all  because say, as one source put am “d saying wey be d devil you know better pass d angel wey you no know na d true matter now for d security circles. 



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