One 17-years girl, Hanna Osazuwa don kill her 20-year old boyfriend, Seun Akintoye for lagos state as she dey celebrate her birthday. 

Di matta be say, Hanna Osazuwa wey no dey live with her papa again, get problem with her guy for evening before di day she kill am. And for di next day wey be her birthday, she go drink well well and carry coccain put on top di alcohol, as she dey enter house, her boyfriend cum warn am say, wetin she dey do be disgrace as she dey drink everytime, but him no know say dis girl hide scissors for her brazier.

As Seun wan go hold am, she carry di scissors stab di guy for chest.

Dismatta hapun on 16th October.

Di tori be say, Amebo wey  dey di compound wey dis thing hapun, talk say, di girl dey drink well well and dey smoke coccaine well well, wey make her papa send am out from dia house.

Dem cum add for di matta say, Seno be di first person wey she don kill, but say, na her papa wey be police commissioner save am from di first person wey she kill, wey make di girl no face law, and him papa cum comot am for house. 

For di matta, di Amebo people talk say,

“Dis one no be first time wey she don kill oo, but na based on say her papa be police commissioner wey make her no suffer for dat one. And again, she don stab Seun before with scissors wey make Seun friends tell am say, make him leave di girl, before him life go enter for wetin him no know, but Seun no hear.

Di matta be say, na di time wey di girl stab Seun, and him friends wey dey there cum shout, make people wey dey live for di compound know wetin hapun.

As him compound people run come for di place, wey di thing hapun, dem see Seun as him dey struggle for life. Dem carry am go one hospital for Gowon estate, dem reject am, dem cum carry am go Igando General Hospital, na where Seun die. 

Person wey be Lagos Police Public Relations Person, Asp Olamide Famous-Cole, talk say, police still dey do investigation for di matta, as dem go take di girl go court after dia investigation.

Di tori dey funny somehow. Seun bin don write for Facebook say,

“Baby, i dey pray make you get wetin you need for your life wey go make you dey happy. I love you. And e be like say, na to kill Seun go make am dey happy.


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