Pikin, wey dey 17-years,as she be house-wife, Hindatu Abdullahi, for Bauchi, don poison her two weeks old step-son, based on sey, she hate her husband, Abdullahi Ori, and him wife, wey be first wife.

As yan for interview, Hindatu Abdullahi, wey be d suspect, kom yan sey, na her papa force am marry Abdullahi, wen she dey, 15years.

She kom yan sey ;

“Me and my husband, don marty, for two years now, and we don get pikin already. Na my papa force, and tell me sey, i go marry am, as him second wife”. 

“Him dey love me before, as i no know wetin dey make am dey hate me now, and dey beat me everytime”. 

“I don tell my Papa and my mama, sey, him dey beat me everytime, but don no wan believe wetin i dey tell dem”. 

“Na my Papa force me to d Marriage, as him no be my mind. I don dey for him house, based on sey, na wetin my Papa want”. 

Hindatu Abdullahi, yan sey, her husband no dey house now, sey him follow him people go, Saudi Arabia, for d Hajj dem dey do.

D matta be sey, Hindatu Abdullahi, enta her husband’ wife house, kom carry her pikin go keep for her own house, as she kom carry poison, give am, but d pikin no take am. She kom use d pikin cloth, clean d poison, as d pikin start dey cry.

Shr yan sey, people don call her husband, and him yan sey, him go divorce am, wen him return Naija, after she don receive 80 Caines, from em husband brother, who kom carry am, go police station, after d beaten.


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