Up to 20 cars  and four okada don burn trowey dis afternoon after one tanker wey carry petrol fall kon pour hin contents for FESTAC link bridge wey dey for Amuwo Odofin LGA for Lagos. D fire bin start around dat kind 12 and e burn for up to one hour…fire fighters people bin reach for d scene 30mins later but dem no get enough water to take quench d fire. One of d witness wey imm name na Olufemi Popoola yan give News Agency of Nigeria sey d tanker wey bin dey come from Apple junction dey go FESTAC bin dey climb d bridge before hin kon start to dey roll back wey make am fall. D force wey imm use fall kon separate d tank from d truck body wey make am explode and sey some people wey dey live around and even some wey dey pass bin try to stop d fire with water but no way.

Popoola wey dey also live for FESTAC talk sey d fire from d tanker bin spill enter cars wey park around wey make people wey get am leave am run. D fire kon spill enter one car shop wey dey under d bridge wey also burn some of dia cars before d people wey dey dia bin drive some comot with even chairs bags and boxes wey people dey sell for under d bridge also burn.

NAN too kon report sey one 2010 Toyota highlander jeep and one Danfo follo for cars wey catch fire too.

Dis gbege kon do make better holdup dey d bridge, even people tins wey follow destroy bin also gather too. One of d owners of okada wey burn, Mr Akuko Okoli talk sey na just small thing make am excape death but as at d time wey hin happen we no sure sey anybody die.



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