Di person wey be Ebonyi State Governor , Engr. Dave Umahi bin talk say, him wan make Buhari contest again for 2019, even wen dis Umahi be PDP member and him dey do campaign for APC candidate. Dis one na evil and hypocrisy and plan wey him wan use enter APC go destroy Ogbonaya Onu again wey him bin don destroy for di time him win Marthin Elechi. Him be don tell PDP people say make dem no put anything wey resemble PDP flag for dia vehicle wen Buhari come Ebonyi State.

Plenty people dey wonder wetin make am endorse Buhari wey him know say him no like Igbo People at all, and him send Army people go kill plenty people for Abia state and him dey support am. Una sabi say dis Ebonyi Governor be Chairman for southeast Governors? But as e dey, fowl nyash don open and we come see say dis man wan enter APC but him no know how him go enter as ogbonaya Onu wey him fight still be Oga for Ebonyi State APC.

People still dey think am why him support Buhari and plenty people also know say him be “political opportunist” wey him body language dey show well well say APC dey hungry am. But him problem be say, di person wey make am wetin him be, wey be Minister for science and technology, Dr Ogbonaya Onu wey him bin don give headache be di person wey build APC for Ebonyi State..

As e dey, him no know wetin him go do, but him wan use president Buhari play di game but we think say e nogo work for am based on say, People don open eyes for dis man based on say him no work at all .

As dem elect Umahi as governor for 2015, dis thing come make am appear for politics and him start dey misbehave.

As e dey now, dis governor dem dey call Umahi dey romance with every person wey be politicians in Nigeria and e dey bad oo,him dey romance with People like, person wey bin be Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo, person wey bin be SGF dem sack, Babachir Lawal, plenty ministers wey dey for Buhari administration and plenty APC members wey him wan use get wetin him want for politics.

But wetin people dey call dis one na hypocrisy and deceit. No be dis Umahi, wen him be Deputy Governor for Ebonyi State no allow Buhari do him campaign for Ebonyi State and now him dey find favour from Buhari wey dey against Igbo People?

But as e dey now, him dey sing Buhari worship song and dey sing him praise of power based on say, Umahi soul dey APC now and him body dey PDP. Him be one politician wey get two parties now.

If you wan know wetin dis man dem dey call Umahi be, wey be Ebonyi governor, go ask people wetin him do him brother, Ogbonaya Onu wey be di person wey open gate for am in politics. Wen Ogbonaya Onu win Marthin Elechi for di 2017 election, dis Umahi wey be Ogbonaya Onu brother go plan against Ogbonaya Onu based on say him dey envy am.

Make una hear another one. Dis David Umahi bin be Marthin Elechi deputy,and Marthin Elechi bless am well well for him tenure. Him bin make am PDP chairman for Ebonyi State, and come make am him deputy governor. OK, as dis man don get money well well, Elechi come tell am say, make him allow Dr, Onyebuchi Chukwu to contest for governor as di man be Afikpo person, him no gree, and go do meeting with Goodluck wife wey make am get di flag for PDP to contest.

Umahi do Afikpo people yeye well well, and come dey boast say na him wey fit di governor well well, but plenty hungry people follow am.

Umahi deceive Goodluck Jonathan and him wife, come win di Election and run comot till today, na wetin him wan do APC people as him dey work with Buhari cabal now to enter APC so dat him go destroy wetin APC don do well for Ebonyi State, as Labour party wey bin comot from APC don join again and dey under Chief Ogbonaya Onu .

Plenty people don register for Ebonyi APC, based on say, Chief Marthin Elechi carry him labour party people go register. Na dis thing dey make Gov Dave Umahi dey fear based on say, him fit lose for di election wey dey come as APC dey wait for am well.

Di matter be say, dis Dave Umahi no fit add any better thing for APC wey lie pass Satan, but him own bad life go join with APC people wey lie pass Satan and do bad bad thing for Ebonyi State.

Him Suppose use him own PDP contest, na wetin dem dey call politics and no be to dey get two parties wey go soon collapse for him head


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