David wey dey 23 years bin beat him brother Onu till e die. E bin dey beat am based on say the boy no gree go message wey dia mama send am.
This one so happen for Ubia Amaetiti for Edda, Afikpo South Local government area Ebonyi State.

From the tori we get, dia mama, Mary, bin send the one wey die make e do something for am but e no gree. The mama na come carry the matter go give e senior brother na the brother start to beat the boy.

The person wer give us dis tori tell us say the brother beat the boy wella till e fall for ground. Dem carry am go the first hospital but dem no gree admit the boy, dem kon carry am go another one for Owuttu Edda wey come admit am, but the boy die the next day. Police kon tell dem say make dem carry the body go mortuary.

Wen dem carry the body go mortuary wey dey General Hospital for Owuttu Edda, dem talk say chemical no dey to make the body no rotten. As him people wan carry the body go bury, police say no, say make dem carry am go another mortuary.


Source : Vanguard


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