Chidinma wey be Igbo boy, as dem no tell us where she dey stay, don beat her baby boy, Morrison Akinyenmi do death.

Di tori carry am say, Akinyenmi come back from party by 9pm,and him no see him baby mama for house. Him come call him girl, ask am where she dey, and dem come agree for where dem go meet.

Wen dem dey come back together, di girl carry Mr, Biggs nylon, and dem enter dia house. After 30-minutes, dem start dey fight for dia room.

Di tori carry am say, one of dem, inside di room, dey hit another person head for wall, and sometimes, dem stop dey talk, and people come know say, something don hapun.

After few hours, people come know say, na Morrison wey die based on him head im girlfriend don head for wall, wen she overpower am.


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