techno spark series

E come as shock to everybody as e never even reach one month wey dem codedly launch Techno W series (WX). Techno don enter market again with correct New phones wey dey call Techno Spark Series. E come for 2 set, Spark and Spark Plus. dis new set of phones wey dem bring so, dem dey use am dey target youth and people wey no dey carry social media play. d matter serious sotey Techno throw all night party, as dem launch the phone for Muri Okunola Park for Lagos as dem invite plenty university students.


D Ogbonge phone dey run for stock ROM., even thou dem carry Techno HiOs pimp am small, many things wey e fit do dey for the stock ROM. na only for start screen, Home screen, and menu UI you fit see Hios, D camera ,swipe down menu, settings all carry stock Rom.


Na dis side , d phone take get power, e resemble iPhone for body, i cut cap give techno for that side, e dey sweet body, whether the transparent rubber half casing dey or e no dey, dis na phone wey go enter eye  wella, Another better thing you fit try for night for the rubber casing, try on torch for the phone, face phone for up ontop something, you go see sey the light go scata around the casing, wey come make am fine wella.


Camera for dis techno spark series dey try pass average, e carry 13mp back camera put for body, still come arrange another 5mp camera for front wey carry screen flash join. D two back and front camera carry flashlight wey go help you as you dey snap for night, The camera no too make sense when you put am side by side Camon CX, but e try too.


just know say dis techno spark series phones no be game phone, still on still e still try for that side, Correct Game like Zombie Highway 2, Temple run, subway surfer, Asphalt 8 , Turbo Car Traffic 3D, Hill Clim 2( e don try play all dis game with am ) and e still make sense, but games like D-Day wey carry plenty load no fit work.


T-pointna shortcut wey carry every apps wey you like wella put for one place , d only thing you go do na just to activate am, you go launch the app and allow am make e do him work. Na you go come put apps wey you dey use wella , so anytime you wan use any app, you fit just click for the bar wey dey float, you fit still press d floating bar long small, e go on the torch for the phone. You go fit change d colour for the floating bar and the T-point dey very useful if your keypad spoil as e get back and recent button.


Transfer App wey follow techno Spark come make sense scatter, as we know say if you want change phone na big wahala base on say you go like move all your files, document come d new phone, sometimes even when you think say you don move every every finish, some kain text message or even calls wey you don receive go still loss. Plenty people don loss imprtant information wey dem been store for phone base on say dem change phone, but as dis app follow dis phone come, you no suppose worry again, e go help you transfer every every from your old phone, enter your new phone wey be sey you no go even know say na your phone things full inside so. Dis Ogbonge app e dey work with Bar code as you go carry your new phone take find your old phone , so you fit move things.


As you dey open your new Techno Spark , you go notice say e no carry manuel for inside the carton, dis one na base on say techno don delete the manual wey suppose come for inside d box, techno don change am make e dey like app wey dey inside the phone. The app manual no fit too make sense to you now until you use am, everything dey very clear wey go make you wan read am, dis one we trowey salute give techno as dem try wella.


one gbege wey techno try solve for dis phone na d wahala we dey get when we try recharge our phone , you fit no see am like anything, until you begin do plenty recharge every month, Anyhow techno don bring app wey go make am easy to load phone “RICHARGE KING” only thing you suppose do na to scan and click send . E go allow you make you select network wey you wan load base on the sim card(s) wey dey the phone, e even get way you go take one torch incase you wan use am for night.


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