Nigerian Federal Government don talk say 250 Nigerian people go come back from Libya on Tuesday as people wey pass 3,000 bin don come back from Libya.

Di Ministry for Foreign Affairs talk am say dis people wey go come back go land for Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos by 7pm.

Di Charge d’Affairs, Nigerian mission for Libya, Iliya Fachano talk am wen him dey address people wey be members for #Ourmumudondo coalition wey do protest for ministry on Monday for Abuja, and talk say make slavery stop for Arab nation.

Fachano come explain say embassy officials don visit di detention camps weekly where illegal migrants mostly from African countries dey.

Him add for him talk say, Nigerian people don get emergency travel certificates from dem wey go make dem return to Nigeria with aircraft wey dem hire and na International Organisation for Migration pay for am .

He said, “IOM dey tell Nigeria anytime dem see Nigerian person and we dey meet dem and dey give dem Emergency Travel Certificate.

“Di mission dey pursue immigrant Nigerians weekly, tomorrow wey be December 5, 2017, 250 Nigerian migrants  go land for Lagos by 7pm.”

Him talk say, “no be Nigerians dey here alone oo, say ,Ghanaian, Gambians;and Nigerian embassy come visit di place to carry dia people “.

“As e dey now, we don register 2,000 Nigerians now, and 250 go come back tomorrow based on say, no plane fit carry di people at once . And dem no be only Nigerian people .”




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