School be place wey people dey show dia papa money. But, if no be say, dem dey wear betta cloth you nogo know say, dem get money. But person wey no get money fit dey fine, dey healthy pass di person wey him papa get money based on say, di rich people pikin dey eat food wey dey can.

But e get only way wey you fit survive as student for school, and people go dey think say your papa get plenty money wen dem see you.

If you be student, wetin you go do be say, you go dey eat paw with garri wey get carbohydrates.


E dey stop warm for body

E dey heal wound for inside and outside body

E dey make food wey you eat to dey digest well well for your body.

E dey cure Ulcer and e nogo allow hinge to affect your intestine for school.

E dey make hairs dey grow anyhow for your body.

E dey cure hypertension

E dey make your colour dey betta

E dey fight heart attack and dey make heart dey work well well.

E get Soldium wey dey 80mg, Iron wey dey 1-%,Vitamin C wey dey 10%,Fat wey dey 0.3g,Calories wey dey 43kcal, protein wey dey 0.5g.

People wey dey school no dey eat 5% for dis plenty things for dia school. But if you dey use your money well dey buy paw, e go help you and your body and dey help you also for your book you go dey read.


As person wey no get plenty money like other people, no disturb yourself and dey think. Wetin you go dey do, na to dey buy powdered soya beans wey dem dey sell #100,for di small sachets wey you fit use two days as you mix am with sugar.

Dis soya beans wey no cost dey always dey good with bread wey you fit buy #500 own, dey use knife dey cut am for ten times wey mean say, you go eat am for three days.

I don do am and I still dey do am till today. I no dey eat food wey person cook for one year and four months now.

Dis na based on say, soya beans dey give dis things wey dey down.

Nutrional value wey soybeans get (per 100g):





Fat (total lipid)-19.9g

Fatty acids, saturate-2.9grate-2.9

Fatty acids, mono-unsaturated-4,4g

Fatty acids, poly-unsaturated-11.3g




Calcium, Ca-277

Iron, Fe-15.7

Magnesium, Mg-280g

Phosphorus, Mg-740mg

Potassium, k-1797kg

Sodium, ma-2.0mg

Zinc, Zn-4.0mg

Copper, Cu-1.7mg

Manganese, Mn-2.7mg

Selenium, Se-17.0g

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)6.0mg

(vitamin B1)-0.874mg

Riboflavin (vitamin B2)-0.87mg

Niacin (vitamin B3)-1.62mg

Panthotenic acid (vitamin B5)0.79mg

Vitamin B6-0.38mg

Folic acid-375g

Vitamin B12-0.0µg

Vitamin A-2.0µg

Vitamin E-1.95mg


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