One man, wey dey 32-years, Ayiuba Salihu , don rape 8-years pikin for minna.

D man wey no tell where him dey stay, don enter Grade 1-Magistrate court, wey dey for Minna on Wednesday.

Mr, Abdullahi Mayaki, wey be d person, wey dey prosecute Salihu, wey dey work for State Child Rights Protection Agency, don tell d court sey, Salihu rape d pikin, wey dey 8-years, on August, 31,for Gwari Market, Minna.

D tori don carry am, sey, d guy, don accept sey, na wetin him do, as him dey regret wetin him do.

Mayaki, yan sey, Salihu use #100, trick d pikin, enta market, go do am, kerewa.

Wetin Salihu commit, dey against section, 18, Subsection 2,for Niger State Child Rights Law, as d offence carry prison punishment.

D person, wey be Chief Magistrate, for d court, Hassan Mohammed, wey be d person, wey dey judge d case, kom shift d matta, go 12th September, 2017,based on sey, him wan make Mayaki get d total money, wey d girl family go spend on am, so dat Salihu go pay dem, us addition. Na where d tori still dey for now.



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