After 12 years as President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, wey be di first woman for Africa to win election as president, dey waka comot from office, people don dey ask about di person wry go win di election and wry go make dia Country dey in peace again.

As na less than one week to di country elections, candidates wey dey contest don dey promise say dem go make life better for di people.

Di tori person Umaru Fofana report say for di capital Monrovia waterside area, many people dey live from hand to mouth, as jobs no dey and may dey struggle to make ends meet.

Some of dis ones say dem want make di new government reduce school fees, others complain say tax wey dem dey pay dey very high and dem want am to reduce.

Na who dey contest?

Na 20 candidates dey contest to become president – among dem na one beauty queen, and football legend George Opong Weah.

Mr Weah bin be di 1995 world footballer of the year – dis time people feel say im fit get luck after im don contest three times.

E tell di tori person say if e enter di President seat, di main thing wey im wan do na to make tins steady for di country so dat im fit attract development for Liberia.

Di other main person wey dey contest na Joseph Boakai wey don be Vice President for 12 years now.

For di past 10 years or more, di youth believe say peace na di main gain dem don get since Liberia start election.


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