safety tips

To sabi wetin to do when you dey for any emergency situation dey very important and no be something we go tire to dey talk about, Jumia Travel wey be Ogbonge travel agency don show us 5 Safe Tips wey fit save your life


1.Save Emergency Numbers

When you dey travel go new place or you dey new environment , e dey good make you sabi the emergency numbers for that area and save am for your phone (inshort make you save am for speed dial)

If you dey travel go Yankee , make you try find out the phone numbers for dia embassies or consulate wey you fit run go in case of emergency, Make sure say you check all  Escape Routes for where you dey all the time, No dey carry security Play and if you don notice say movement wey no pure anywhere you dey , Raise alarm or try comot from that place to somewhere people dey, Avoid to talk say nothing dey happen until you dey sure true true nothing dey happen.

2. Make Say you turn on Remote Wipe Capabilities for your Phone

E dey important as you dey travel unto sey dat time dey vulnerable for you, make you make sure say you fit delete everything wey dey your phone or even electronics wey dey inside your Car if you get am so if you fit just delete everything from another place incase dem steal am.


3. If You Carry Car key, Make Sure say you carry am for Hand when you dey waka for Car Park

Dis one to reduce the time e suppose take you to enter your car, start am for car park, to reduce exposure incase dem wan steal your car or even kidnap you, make you dey hold the key especially for night, make you no dey dangle your car key (Dey form Car owner) for your hand make person no just snatch am from you , hold am for your palm tight , make some part even dey around your finger, Apart from say e go keep your Car key safe, you fit use am as weapon incase person wan attack you or emergency .




4. End Call , Den Call Back Any Number Wey You Sabi, Wey Dey Ask For Important Private Information or Dey Ask You Make You Do Something Wey Dey Risky

If you receive call from person wey claim say him be your bank wey dey tell you anything about fraud , quickly end the call, then call the Bank number wey you sabi to confirm say the person wey call you dey genuine. If you dey sleep for hotel and the hotel people call you say problem dey with your Account or say e get something dem wan repair for your room or anything at all, make you end the call, then call the number for the hotel wey you sabi to confirm say the person wey call you na genuine information him dey give, No just agree to any request wey dey ask make you give dem private information, or make you come yourself , ensure you say you first call the number wey you sabi wey dey related to wetin dem dey talk about to make sure say everything dey correct.


5. Make Sure  Say Nobody Dey See When You Dey Enter Your Pin Numbers or Alarm Codes etc

You fit dey think say dis one na oversabi , but e better make e dey safe than person come tell you sorry later, E dey funny say people never realize say in this age wey Smart phones and Technology don take over , People fit dey codedly dey record dem, People fit dey observe how your hand dey move so dem fit later track you, come steal your card ( If Na debit Card Pin you dey enter) and fit get access to your account as dem go just monitor how the movement if your hand be when you dey enter your pin, Make you also dey check the place wey you dey slot card for ATM , if e be like say something no dey normal for the machine, kukuma find another machine use.





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