Minister for Lands and Natural Resources for Ghana, Peter Amewu say na bad engineering cause di accident wey kill six people for one gold mine wey fallon Saturday.

Him tell tori people dis one, as him go Where e appen. Oga Amewu describe say na ‘tragedy’, but talk say if dem bin do some kind adjustments, e for help di tunnel make e no fall.

“Na complete structural failure. You go know say for di time wey dem dey do casting, di concrete fall. Investigations still dey go on, but e dey clear say wetin suppose support di slabs maybe dem no put am well, wey make am to fall”, na wetin him talk.

Di Minerals Commission don take over di site as dem dey do investigations and na di Principal Inspector of Mines for di Ashanti Region dey lead with police.

Na six miners bin die and two injure wen di roof of one tunnel fall for gold mining site for Ghana southern region.

Na one US company – Newmont dey operate di mine for di Brong Ahafo region, wey dey 430 kilometres from di capital Accra and dem confam wetin appen.

Di company talk-talk pesin Agbeko Azumah say two pipo wey wound collect treatment for clinic and say dem discharge dem on Saturday wey di accident appen.

Wuruwuru mining like dis one for Kibi dey happen for Ghana

Di company say dem don suspend work for di site and carri workers comot for di mine to allow for investigation.

Newmont na one of di largest producers of gold for di world and dem get two mines for Ghana wey dem enta for 2006.

For July last year, at least 22 pipo die afta one illegal goldmine collapse for western Ghana.


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