Follow dis six simple but useful tips to save money on fuel.

Dis one nobe doubt say,  fuel price for Nigeria dey  higher and higher based on di  increase of automobile vehicles wey dey di country . Fuel price now be N 145 per litre . Person no fit stop dey use car for him daily life,based on say him go  get to work, pick up him kids, and do plenty things . As e dey, we get one thing wey we wan tell to dey do, wey go help you dey save your fuel. 

1. Dey Drive Your Car With Better Sense 

Why you go dey drive as if say ghost dey pursue you and you go dey over speed di limit wey dey reduce gas mileage and dey violate traffic rules?

If you dey accelerate harder,  Di fuel you dey use go dey go down , so make you no dey  drive as if ghost from your village people dey pursue you  and always dey check your  car speed limits.  When you drive speed e go also violate traffic rules so stop am now.

2. No Dey Carry Big Load 

Dis one na another way wey you fit increase your fuel mileage,as you go dey stop dey carry big big load. If you carry loads wey no dey big or wey dey light you go dey save your fuel as nogo dey affect your fuel gauge.


3. Dey Use Your Air Conditioner With Better Sense. 

Off di  AC and open di doors when di  weather dey  cool .

Di weather wey dey Nigeria dey hot and e dey carry pollution, Di noise and di stop and go traffics, dey make drivers dey on dia AC for di whole day. If you dey put on AC everyday everytime, e go reduce your gas mileage to 10 percent ,so no dey put AC anyhow for your vehicle.


4. No Dey Warm Up Your Car Everytime 

Nigerian people dey warm up Dia car before dem go travel . Before before, dem been tell us say make we dey warm our car, 5 to 10 minutes Wey go  make di  car dey run smoothly. As e dey , di engines wey dey for  modern cars no need dat kind warming up even when e dey cold outside . If you even warm di car for two minutes, e go consume fuel wey you fit use drive for one mile.

5. Dey Look For Better Fuel Station 

If you wan buy fuel, no dey rush to any place dem dey sell fuel,dey look for di station wey get better  pumps .

For Nigeria, plenty plenty fuel station dey do wuru wuru Ontop mago mago for dia fuel station. Dem dey put fuel wey no reach 1-litter for your car and dey claim say na 1 litre . So,  open your eyes wella for dat kind mago mago Ontop your brain.


6. No Dey Run Your Car Idle 

When you no get where to go, no dey drive di car as if say you dey productive. Decide for your mind where you wanna go , find di road wey dey short before you start dey travel  especially when you travel with plenty  group.



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