One woman wey 66years, for Sakkavayal village wey dey Sivaganga District for Tamil Nadu, India, don kill him son as him dey try rape him daughter(son’s daughter) wey dey 19-years.

D tori carry am sey, one old woman kill her 47years son as di man dey try rape him daughter based on sey, him go drink kai-kai.

Di matta be sey, di 47years old man, go drink finish, and kom dey force him daughter to sleep with am, as him mama kom carry sickle knack am for neck.

Di woman don cry sey, she dey regret why she even go hit am. As e dey now, di matta don enter police station and police don arrest di woman and no body dey to take care of di 19-years pikin wey him papa wan rape.

Police yan sey, dem dey pity di woman, based on sey, she no do evil, but sey, dem arrest based on wetin dia law dey tok.

“If she apply for bail, we go give am, as we nogo say no to wetin she want. Dis matta be say, she no do evil as she wan rescue di pikin wey her papa wan rape “

” We don discuss with her lawyer, wey go do di legal things to comot di woman from prison “

Person wey be dia Sivaganga superintendent of Police, Jayachandran be dey person wey tell news people, yesterday.


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