E reach 950 South African gold miners wey trap for ground,  as heavy storm knock electricity comot.

Na electricity dem dey use to operate di lift wey dey carry di miners up and down from underground wey dem dey mine gold cause am,as e no dey work again.

Di Beatrix mine dey Welkom town and e no too far from Johannesburg. Na Sibanye-Stillwater mining company get am.

Talk-talk person for di company, James Wellsted, tell tori people, AFP say di miners dey ok and so far, dem don rescue 65 of dem.

South Africa na one of di countries wey dey produce gold pass for di world but people don accuse mining companies well-well say dem no dey try for di safety of dia workers.

Mr Wellsted talk say dem dey try start emergency generator so di lifts go start to dey work again.


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