Information wey reach   press  now be staying,plenty  Igbo people from everywhere don reject BBC igbo service,and dem talk say British government wan use am divide Igbo people again wey be Biafrans as dem be do am  and wan introduce another fresh direct Radio colonization of Biafra land.

Di location wey we visit, wey be south south and south east geo-political zone wey be  Biafra land by Biafrans ,show say di people don reject  di BBC Radio and talk say di radio no fit address di injustice wey di British contraption wey be Nigeria dey do.

Di BBC Igbo service be wetin British government wan use fight  Biafra referendum,and Di Indigenous People don talk say dem no want am at all as dem talk say, dia Radio Biafra dey good for dem for Biafran tori.

Igbo pressure group wey dey home and people wey dey abroad dey tell dia people to boycott Di Radio wey fit not report any bad bad thing wey Nigerian government dey do Igbo people and di one dem do Igbo people before during Biafran war wey dem fight in 1967-1970 And dem kill 3.5million Igbo people based on say, British government support dem.


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