D 32 nations to compete for d 21st FIFA World Cup for Russia next summer don comot come after all dem bin finish all d  qualifying games and playoffs on Wednesday.

D newest teams wey seal dia qualification for d global tournament na Australia, wey flog Honduras 3-1 on aggregate, and Peru, wey follow beat New Zealand 2-0 for d playoffs to book dia first World Cup ticket in 36 years.

Africa five representatives na Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia.

Germany na d defending champions after dey defeat Argentina for d final of d 2014 edition for Brazil.
See d Full list of 2018 World Cup teams in no order:

1. Nigeria

2. Egypt

3. Senegal

4. Tunisia

5. Egypt

6. Brazil

7. Uruguay

8. Colombia

9. Argentina

10. Peru

11. Germany

12. Belgium

13. England

14. France

15. Iceland

16. Poland

17. Portugal

18. Serbia

19. Spain

20. Sweden

21. Denmark

22. Croatia

23. Switzerland

24. Iran

25. Japan

26. South Korea

27. Saudi Arabia

28. Australia

29. Mexico

30. Costa Rica

31. Panama

32. Russia (hosts)



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