On Thursday 30 November, President Paul Biya bin talk say him go deal with di attackers wey kill four soldiers and two policemen because dem be enemy of peace.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary wey be government talk-talk person for Cameroon, bin don talk before say “two police officers wey die for one border post for Southwest Region,” say na people wey dey agitate say dem wan dia own country for English-speaking regions kill dem.

Fresh tori now be say since 2 December government army don enter some village dem to deal with people for English speaking regions for Cameroon.

Wilfred Tassang from di Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, wey join body group wey start di struggle for di Anglophone, tell tori people say, President Paul Biya don show say him be wicked man, as him don declare war say make army enter 16 village dem.

Palava for southern Cameroon don finish gym dey do boxing now after di defence wing of di group wey dey call demselves di ‘Ambazonian Governing Council (AGC)’ talk say na dem carry out di operation for 28 November evening for Mamfe town, wey kill four soldiers for Cameroon.

President Paul Biya bin talk say: ”Cameroon don enter palava for attack on top attack,” wen him return from di European Union and African leaders meeting for Ivory Coast.

”But since dis attacks don enter another level , I dey promise people for Cameroon say nothing  dey hapun , as we go use something finish dis criminals wey dey cause wahala,” Biya talk.

For di past two days – since 2 December tori say na 6,000 people don run comot Cameroon enter Nigeria as refugee.

As di country (Cameroon) dey hot, Tassang dey beg international community to quick-quick put bodi come help dem stop di palava.

Di matta be say di way Cameroon and Nigeria dey fight people wey wan breakout dey bad. Na dia right wet dem dey find.


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