D people wey de provide telecommunications network for naija, Airtel for naija, don provide dem new data plans wey go make people de browse wella.


Mr Ahmed Monkles yan d tori for lagos, as dem de launch Airtel Home Broadband for Lagos.

Him kom tok, sey, d plan go create opportunity and also go empower people as e go help make browsing beta.


“D Home browsing Broadband Service, go help people wey de use Airtel to Share data with dem friends and person wey dem love, and also for dem brothers and sisters”. 


“Dis new Airtel. Home Broadband de deliver browsing service wey dey fast through dem data terminal – Dongle, Mifi, and router, as e get different packages and get cheap price wey go make every customers enjoy am”. 


“Customers go get data for 10 unlimited wey be 40GB, 15 unlimited,wey be 65GB, and 20 unlimited, wey be, 100GB,as d speed go kom 256kpbs wen it finish, and customer go still de browse well well, until him data kom reach date to expire”. 


“D plans na unlimited wey mean sey, dem match customer pocket “. 


” Our new unlimited data be true unlimited, as we make sure sey, we deliver up to 100GB to people wey be customers as dem go de share data to people wey dey around dem”. 


 Airtel kom tok sey, if you wan join, make you dial *462*10#, wey be Unlimited 10,*462*15#, wey be unlimited 15,*462*20#,wey be unlimited 20.


Airtel kom yan sey, if you wan renew your plan,  make you visit, www.onetouch.ng,wey go make you buy another unlimited data.

Mr Gabriel Afolayan webi dem Ambassador, kom hail Airtel, as him tok sey, d home broadband service na ogbonge Broadband TVC dem don give people for naija.




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