Internet money wey dem d call cryptocurrency, for online shopping, business transactions, selling and buying of goods and services, don enter uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

D cryptocurrency Company wey don start since 1999, for America, don yan sey cryptocurrency wey be Bitconnect, d make smart cards, dey easy for anything wey you wan buy for Internet, as e no get wuru-wuru service.

As d company tok am:

“Cryptocurrency be Bitconnect wey you go use buy products from U. S. A, London, African countries, France, Germany, Spain, China, etc, on Internet without any wahala for you “. 

As e dey now, cryptocurrency don enter uyo, Akwa Ibom state, at No:30 Ikot Ekpene Road, Uniuyo roundabout, last floor. 

Cryptocurrency Company don yan sey, dem don kom with beta” self-related” financial system, platform, wey you go earn plenty money, as you deposit your money with dem, which dem go turn to cryptocurrency(Bitconnect), for you.

Dem yan sey, your money go d increase everyday like fixed deposit account ,you go lend money, if you like, and also go do Bitconnect staking with your good heart, if youike, also you get opportunity to do Bitconnect trading, like forex trading, and Bitconnect mining.

Dem sey, d only thing you go do, be sey, you go just open account with dem, like bank account, where dem go turn your cash to dollars, as BCC exchange, you place order, wey you go get 100% of your income 239days,after you don collect your 40% interest from d beginning, like fixed deposit account.

D Internet money company, don yan sey, make you deposit your money on Bitconnect, which go dey for your account address, as you withdraw whenever you like,without restriction.

Dem tok sey, d decision wey you go make to lend your Bitconnect, buy new ones, or leave am,as you go d make interest for everyday fixed deposit profit dey for your hand, as dem go dey the banking stand, and regulate your account, as banks do. 

Dem also sey dat, you go open account with dem or start with $100 to $1000, as dem get different interests, for d times.

Bitconnect company, kom tok sey, Bitconnect wey be d cryptocurrency, no be Bitcoin.



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