Akwa Ibom man don burn one 13-years girl with Iron

One man from Akwa Ibom,  Mr Effiong Sunday, don burn thirteen years girl wey live with am with electric Iron.

Di man and di girl dey stay together for Brass street Etegwe Yenagoa Bayelsa State.

On Tuesday 5th September 2018 Effiong  accuse di girl say she steal three thousand naira from her next door neighbor.

After her uncle,(Mr Sunday Effiong), ask am question, and interrogate she yan say she no collect any money.

Di uncle start dey beat her without mercy. After,  him comot her cloths, carry hot pressing Iron design her breast and body.

On top di iron, Effiong still dey ask her say she must tell her where she keep di money.

Based on wetin di girl talk give newsinpidgin.ng, him continue to dey burn her breast till she accept.

Di pain wey dey for di mata be say, di neighbour see her money for where she keep am.

On top di injury, her uncle no even carry her go hospital for treatment.

On Friday, neighbours start dey vex, and dey spread di tori wey hapun.

Di tori reach,  Mr Numoipre Benson Ayah, Tony Owei Angagha and dem start dey help Di girl.

Dem carry di mata go DO FOUNDATION, wey be NGO wey dey handle CHILD ABUSE Mata.

Di NGO Chairman, Barrister Dise Ogbesi Sheila and her second Excel Bright carry di girl go Ekeki police station.

Dem call Mr Sunday Effiong and him wife make dem interrogate dem for Gender Desk Office.

As e dey now, DO FOUNDATION don carry dis girl go hospital for treatment.


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