Roothub, wey be Business root, and where dem dey create ideas, for business, wey dey under, Akwa Ibom State Enterprise and Employment Scheme, don start dia business festival, wey dem call “STARTCON-FEST… BACK TO THE FUTURE” , for AKEES PLAZA, opposite, Ibom Hall, IBB lane. 

Person, wey be dia Graphics, Fine Artiste, Francis Onuk, don yan sey, dem don start. Akwa Ibom state Start-Up Conference Festival, wey be idea development programme,  person wey get Roothub introduce, to celebrate Akwa Ibom, for im 30years.

Him yan sey,

“We wan train people on technology, wey we dey call, Business101, Person development, Android development, Data Analysis, Website development, and plenty things “

” We wan make people learn new skills, wey concern, digital marketing, social media marketing, writing, presentations, design, fashion, catering, management and entrepreneurial skills “

” D thing, wey make us use “Back to the Future”, be sey, we wan make to dey for dem present-present , and not to still dey live for past-present, as e go make dem know how dem go make money, with wetin dem fit do”

Mr, Onuk, yan sey, dem dey use traditional means, dey reach dia customers, wen we ask am, how he take tell people about d programme.  Him yan again sey, if customers wan ser dem, or ask dem questions, make dem contact dem, through, for twitter, @roothub, or dia Mobile App,(DrootHub). You go also, come to, opposite IbomHall, for Ibb Avenue, Aka Road.


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