Justice Letam Nyordee wey be the Judge for Rivers State High Court yesterday convict and sentence one ex-Police Sergeant, Lucky Orji, with two other people for the murder of four UNIPORT students for Aluu, wey be University village wey dey Ikwerre Local Government Area, on October 5, 2012.

The other two people wey dem sentence with Sergeant Orji na David Chinasa Obada and Ikechukwu L. Amadi (a.k.a. Kapoo)

Abiodun Yusuf, Joshua Egbe, Cyril Abam and John Ayuu (a.k.a Jonny Barbar) bin don dey discharged and acquitted. The court say the prosecution bin no find any fault against them.

The students wey dem kill wey be; Ugonna Obuzor (19), Tekena Elkanah(23), Lloyd Toku Mike(22), and Chiadika Biringa(23). Them bin naked them beat sotey dia body tear, stone them near waterside beside where dem dey throwey dirty for Umokiri, Aluu. Them bin talk say them thief laptop and handset, even the court bin later talk say no be true.

Dem bin arrest twelve people wey be say even the paramount ruler, Alhaji Hassan Welewa and Orji, bin dey among.

They charge Welewa and four other people unto say them bin get authority but no do anything to make sure say those village people bin no kill those boys. They bin bail them comot for police station for 2015 and for January them bin dey discharged and acquitted.

For the judgement wey bin last three hours, Justice Nyordee condemn the way them kill those students come blame security agencies, especially the police and army untop

As the Judge dey pass judgement, him say:
“The murder of the four victims on October 5, 2012, for Umokiri no make sense and bin no dey necessary … so I find the three of una  guilty of the offence as the counts one, two and four of the information wey bin file and I therefore convict three of Una according to wetin dey in line with Section 319 of the Criminal Code Cap 11, of Laws of Rivers State, 1999″.

“The way una take kill those four people bin no make sense. Nothing wey una talk for justify una act. We dey talk about the death of young people wey bin dey agile, wey bin be great hope for their family people and their society. Na so una just take wipe out those boys comot for this world. Una just kill them like that”.

“As una take kill those people so Una don shatter the hope of their family people and society na imm we say una no fit go scot free for that kind thing na why we go follow the maximum of Criminal Act.”

I go use this opportunity talk say wetin cause the unfortunate deaths of the guys for this case, na combination of plenty yeye things wey be say the society no know say them suppose protect one another, the mumu security people no bin know wetin their job be, if to say them bin show for the area wey them kill these four young men at least them for no die.

“Nothing wey Una talk fit ever be enough reason why the security teams for that area, like the police patrol team from Isiokpor division, the JTF, the c4i and the Aluu police post wey get gun and some things wey fit scare people no bin fit mobilise either individual or joint force to rescue the youth wey the village people talk say robbers.

“As una take kill these bright young men for matter wey Una no confirm show how cheap human life dey, even when una compare am with animal. He shock me to know say those police officers wey dey claim say them dey work well and say them dey protect lives for the state never go jail unto big matter like this.”

The judge still talk say: “The way him take convict and sentence these people go teach all men say human life dey sacred, and make dem respect and protect am as God wey be the owner of this life command.

I follow the rules and so the convicts go get wetin dem deserve: So I sentence ex-Sergeant Lucky Orji to death for the killing of the victims for this case. I follow sentence Ikechukwu Lois Amadi to death of the murder of the victims for this case. I follow sentence David Chinasa Obada for the murder of the same victims. I pray make the three of una receive the mercy of the Creator of all lives, and make our Lord show una mercy, na una punishment be that.”

The papa of one of the victms (Lloyd),  Mike Toku Mike,  talk say :

“I dey partially happy say the matter of stealing and robbery wey them talk say the four young men do for Aluu wey make those people kill them don clear finally. Una don see say the boys bin dey innocent, them no go to steal or rob, them bin go the place to collect the money wey person bin dey owe them and they tag them as thief come kill them again.

“I for happy pass this one if to say na the seven of them bin convict and sentence, but as the law no see am like that but only three bin dey sentenced, e still dey okay.

“I thank Baba God say after the trauma wey we bin go through, and as them bin dey postpone the case since that time, e don finally end, I dey very happy.”

The  Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Ibikiri Otoribio, wey lead the team of State Counsel wey go prosecute the case bin dey very happy about the judgment., him come say: “Justice don happen we dey satisfied”.

Dem ask am wetin go happen to those people, him come say:

“Na for Police to do their work. Make them investigate the matter. E never end yet. Anytime dem ready, dem go let us know. We go come do our own work too.”


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