D National Youth Caucus for All Progressive Congress (APC), on Friday, for Abuja, don yan sey, dem d support. Naija government, for d hate speech court dem wan establish.

D person wey be dem National Chairman, Mr Mark Nsimbehe, don tell news people wey be News Agency wey dey Naija, sey, dem dey support, make Naija government establish hate speech court, wey dem wsn establish, as e go stop d hate dspeech for Naija.

Nsimbehe, yan sey, dem group dey support everything wey go make all ethnic groups for Naija, dey together.

“We stand for peace, wey dey for progress, as we be one Naija people. We dey tell Federal Government, make dem arrest people wey dey make hate speech”. 

Him kom yan sey,make people wey dey shout for Restructuring, do dem shout with respect and caution.

Make we restructure our hearts first, and minds, as e go bring real structure wey go dey meaningful”. 

Him yan sey, dem wan see d blueprint of restructuring first, so that e go make dem know how e dey be, as, e go make dem know why Naija suppose restructure, or dem should create more states.

Him yan sey, APC youth group dey support Anti-Graft, as e don government, dey collect d money wey politicians carry run.



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