For interview wey Naija Singer “Aramide” bin get with NET kon reveal d kwanta wey make am lose her respect for one of her childhood inspirations, Onyeka Onwenu.

Aramide kon explain how d veteran singer “Onyeka Onwenu” shun am after she beg her make dem take photo together.

She yan say;

‘I bin still dey new for d industry and na me open stage for am, I kom down kon say make I follow am snap photo, as I just reach dia, na so she off gimme. She tell me ‘No let your hand touch me’. E bin dey like d worst experience wey I don get for my life. Na so everybody kon dey look me o. I no sure say she bin know say na me open d show for am’.

‘I even kon kneel down to greet her, and she kon say okay come take d picture. For dat  moment, I bin feel bad, but d good thing about dat kind of situation na say e dey make you work really hard…I just lost d respect wey I bin get for her after dat event, I no sure day if I see her again, I fit even tell am Hello. But no be today d tin happen sha, e don tey. Na old tori now, I don move on,’

Watch The Interview Video for here:


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