Army, civilians don run go hide, as BokoNNU login Haram takeover Borno

As Boko Haram takeover Guzamala for Borno State, hang dia flag, army and civilians runcomot go hide.

Di Islamist Terror group, Boko Haram don takeover Guzamala local government area for Borno state.

E hapun after dem gunbattle  s Nigeria Army and plenty people die.

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Di community pipo talk say, Boko Haram dey waka free for headquarters of Guzamala LGA wey dem claim.

Dis attack hapun dis morning as Boko Haram land for di town after hours dem gunbattle Nigerian soldiers.

Dem dey LGA headquarters, Gudunbari and dem dey hang dia flags for di towns.

But as e dey, Nigeria Army pipo don runcomot as Boko Haram overtake dem.

Dis tori don show say, wetin Buhari government dey tell Nigerians be gaslightening.

Which way Nigeria? Where di change?


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