Zimbabwe army don comot Robert Mugabe from power kon put ‘new leader’.

Soldiers today don lock up all d road wey dey lead to d government offices, parliamentary buildings and courts for central Harare.
D soldiers follow storm d TV station dey claim say dem see hey targeted criminals around Mugabe.

D Major General for d country, SB Moyo yan say dey want deal with d people “wey dey commit crimes wey dey cause social and economic suffering for d country”.

Na wetin him talk be dis: 

“If we just accomplish our mission, we expect say everything go normal again for f country.

“To d civil servants, as una don already know, dese same people don plan to influence d purging wey dey happen for d political sphere to d civil service.

“We dey against dat kind act of injustice and we wan protect all of una against am.”

“Our wish na so dat you go enjoy your rights and freedoms as Zimbabwe go return to prosperity.

Moyo kon claim say dis situation for Zimbabwe no “military takeover of government” o, say make dem no fear.

D military broadcast kon order all members of d army say make dem regroup as “all leave don dey cancelled”.

Moyo kon still add say; 

“We don call upon all d war veterans say make dem play positive role to ensure peace, stability and unity for d country.

“To members of d Zimbabwe defence forces, all leave don dey cancelled and all of una go return to una barracks with immediate effect.

“To d other security forces we want make una co-operate for d good of d country.”

Tension kon rise for d southern African country after General Constantino Chiwenga bin kon challenge Mugabe over him decision to sack d Vice President last week.

Dem see am dey power play to make way for him wife Grace to enter power, succeed am kon establish dynasty after Mugabe don dey reign for 37-years.

A statement from one Twitter account wey claim to belong to d ruling ZANU PDF party claim say Mugabe, Grace and dia family dey under house arrest.

Den dey talk say d vice-presido Emmerson Mnangagwa don return as leader.

D statement read say; 

“Dey don make decision to chook eye for d matter based on say our constitution don dey undermined, so for now Comrade Emmerson Mnangagwa go be President of ZANU PF as per d constitution of our revolutionary organisation.

“But d family wey we detain dey safe, both for d constitution and d sanity of d nation na why we do am.

“No be Mugabe or him wife get Zimbabwe or ZANU. Today go start a fresh new era and comrade Mnangagwa go epp us achieve better Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe finance minister Patrick Chinamasa dey among members of d government wey d army detain.

Dem bin hear three explosions for Harare just before d military announcement, and gunshots bin also dey near d home of Mugabe.
The UK government on Wednesday don advise dia citizens wey dey for d capital Harare say make dem remain indoors until political situation don dey clear.



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