Di Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, don check him head and talk say, e nogo hapun at all for army to comot am from president and him nogo resign after dia military coup, and him talk say na him still be Zimbabwe President, if army people no like am, make dem die.

But people don dey tell dis man say, make him comot in Peace on Thursday, but him tell dem say e no fit hapun.

Di person wey speak with di army wey lock Mugabe and him wife, Grace for dia lavish “Blue Roof” Harare compound, say Mugabe no get any plan self to resign before di election dem wan do next year.

Him talk say,
“Dis one be stand-off, and stalemate. Dem talk say make army cool down and allow dis papa to finish him tenure for office.

Dis army wey take over don show say di army wey don support Mugabe since him dey office since 1980 don collapse even as dem don dey with am an make am “Grand Old Man” for our African politics.

Di Opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai,don tell Mugabe to comot office so dat people go get betta life, as him tell Tsvangirai and talk say Mugabe no be president again.

Zimbabwe Army wan make Mugabe comot from office as him don rule since 1980 to now, and dem say make him go before person blood go wash Road and make him hand over to him vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa wey Mugabe sack and dey cause wahala for dia politics.

Di main matta be say, Army general no wan make him handover to him wife, Grace, wey dey 41 years.

Plenty people still dey see Mugabe wey follow fight colonialism for Africa as a liberator but dem dey see am for him place as person wey him bad life don destroy dia economy and wan use force to dey for power. e

ZANU-PF youth leader Kudzai Chipanga wey dey support Mugabe , don beg say him dey sorry di way him follow fight army people after di army carry am go television to read statement for di television.

After, dem carry go back to dia main KGVI (wey dem dey call KG Six) barracks for Harare, where dia Finance Minister, Ignatius Chombo dey too.

Video wey Reuters receive from two key allies for Grace Mugabe – cabinet ministers Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere – Army prepare well well to use force.

Wetin make army come vex be say dem don hear say Mugabe wife don plan to tell 40- ministers for dia cabinet to support di sack dem give Mugabe vice president.


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