Arsenal beach soccer team don comot talk sey dem don ready to follow play d 2017 COPA Lagos wey dem go play for Eko Atlantic city from December 8, take reach 10.

Arsenal wey be sey dem never play for Africa before go face any Lasgidi team wey FIFA instructor, Angelo Schirinzi go choose for dem and Supersand Eagles too.

Samson Adamu wey be d Managing Director of kinetic sports, wey be d people wey dey organise am talk sey dull moment no go dey for d event.

Adamu talk sey hin get faith for d team wey dey don select when dem bin dey scout for Lagos and sey imm sure sey dis go be d beginning  of development for our beach soccer league wey go make Naija dey for d global tourism map. Him still sey d competition go follow promote beach lifestyle and culture for Lagos and Naija as a whole.

Him no end dia o and him still yan sey dem dey appreciate d commitment of dia sponsors FCMB, HERO LAGER and PEPSI wey make am possible for dem to take implement d talent scout initiative and also host d event.



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