D support wey premier lotto dey give Aruna Quadri don dey yield results as d 2017 Polish champion don move from 36 go 27 for d November ITTF ranking wey dem release on Wednesday.

Quadri don be d first African wey go win ITTF title wey dey outside d continent after hin bin win d mens singles for d Polish open. D 29yrold bin follow gain more points as hin bin qualify for d main draw for d ITTF world cup for Liege inside Belgium.

When imm bin get 2434 points for October, hin rank 36. Aruna Quadri bin kon gain extra 23 points unto imm performance for October wey make am rank 27 for November with 2457 points.

Egypt Omar Assar still dey first for Africa as imm move from 21 go 20 even as imm points bin drop from 2528 to 2513.

Ma Long from China still be No1 for d world even as imm bin lose to Germany Timo Boll for d ITTF World cup semifinal. 

Germany Dimitrij Ovtcharov wey bin win d World cup be person wey rise pass as imm move reach 3rd. Person wey carry 2nd for d world cup Timo Boll kon move go 4th place while Simon Gauzy from France kon rise wella from 13th go 8th position. Dis one don reduce d way Asians bin take dey make wave for d rankings as out of d top 10 three players from Europe while Asia get seven.

For d women’s ranking, Zhu Yuling wey from China, for d first time for her career dey for No1 spot and she don replace her fellow Chinese person Duan Ning wey be d reigning Olympic and world champion as she bin dey absent for d international scene for some time.

Chen Meng nd Liu Shiwen of China kon occupy second and third place while Japan Kasumi Ishikawa, Miu Hirano and Mima Itto kon dey fourth to sixth place.

Dina Meshref wey from Egypt kon rise from 103 go reach 92.



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