D National Association of Nigerian Students, wey be NANS, don warn university teachers say make dem no dey go strike if dem no tell dem. 

D student body follow task federal government say make dem forward d money wey dem claim say dem recover from dose people wey loot we country treasury to d education sector, say e go help we country education to comot from d kata kata wey e dey so. 

NANS Presido, Chinonso Obasi, for statement yesterday for Abuja, insist say lecturers must make sure say dem consult NANS before dem start any kind strike for future. 

Obasi yan say dem make dis decision for d emergency meeting wey dia Senate hold for d Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin. NANS, according to d statement, demand say make Federal Government channel d  money wey anti-corruption agencies recover go education sector for Naija to epp put some things in order. 

For d statement, him yan say;

“We bin summon d meeting to talk about d ongoing strike wey ASUU declare and e bin  end successfully as plenty Student Union Presidos dem with NANS stakeholders throughout d country show for d meeting.

“NANS yan say make dia leaders reach out to Federal Government make dem for find better solution to d big big challenges wey Naija students dey face.” 

E still talk say:

”As we na important stakeholders for d  education sector, e dey very very necessary for ASUU to consult NANS. Anytime ASUU want start strike, e dey proper for dem to consult student leaders wey be NANS. Make ASUU sef apply other means wey d go take get wetin dey want make d strike no get direct negative impact for d students. 

“ASUU don dey strike so dem go use students as dia bargaining power. Dem must follow consider d interest of dese students at all times. 

Part of d things wey we conclude na say dem go make appeal to Federal Government make dem forward all d money wey dem recover from anti-graft agencies to d education sector.” 

”D Senate follow pass vote of confidence on dia Presido for him style of leadership as him don epp Naija students to get back dia lost voices. 

“Dem follow yan say make National President for NANS continue to dey put hand for d  stakeholders wey go include ASUU and d Federal Government make dem for end d strike den find lasting solution to d plenty challenges facing Nigerian students.” 
“D meeting follow call on d Federal Government make dem make d education sector very important for Naija den push for d recommendation wey United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation yan say make dem give 26 per cent of d nation annual budget so dem go take fund d educational sector den get better and strong educational standard.


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