E don tey small wey students for Naija go strike wey be say nobody even know wen e go end and just yesterday, Academic Staff Union of Universities wey dem dey call (ASUU) start anoda strike again.

E be like film wen National President for The Union, Dr. Biodun Ogunyemi, announce the strike for meeting wey National Executive Council (NEC) for ASUU get for Abuja on Monday. Him talk say as the strike dey go on so, say nobody go teach, exam no go hold, and say make nobody attend any kind meeting.

We dey hope say the Federal Government go answer dese people, give dem wetin dem want like dia salary payment, pension payment with plenty plenty oda tins wey dem dey ask for.

E dey very easy make students wey dey affected just fold up, activate one kind lazy mode wey dem go dey dey dey do nothing.

If dis strike affect you and you dey tink how you fit make good use of dis strike period, den dis one na for you.


Nobody dey too small to get him own business o. Use dis period wey you dey house take start small business. You fit dey sell some products or you render service to people. D good tin na say you no too need big money to start business. You fit use social media promote your business. As you dey manage business so, e go give you plenty opportunity to gain experience wey go benefit you wen you finish school.



Dat time wey you dey always find to learn new skill don show o. E fit be photography, to make jewelries, to play instrument like saxophone or guitar, baking, writing, produce music, do any kind sport and plenty plenty odas. Use dis time learn am, master am well well. E go build your self confidence.


University don close but e no mean say you no fit learn something else. You fit start short courses online or do professional classes wey go grant you some kind qualifications wey fit dey useful later for future. Even if you no get money to pay for dese courses, you fit do the ones wey be free for portals like Coursera or Edx.

Certificate no dey necessary, the idea na to gain new knowledge.


As you dey house so, you fit make small small money. Find work as intern or assistant for office or company. You fit even get work as apprentice wey dem dey pay for salon or creative studio. Even sef, you fit d something like freelance for writing or blogging.

The good tin wey internet dey do na say you fit get connected to so many job opportunities without too much stress. The money wey you go make fit no be the kind money wey you fit use start life, but at least small bar go dey your hand.


To Volunteer na very good way to give back to the society or to just do good with your time. You fit volunteer for NGO or religious organizations, where the aim na to epp odas follow better the society.

E get dis kind joy of fufilment wey dey follow service to people.


You fit travel anytime. As student wey you be, your wahala fit be money wey go carry you go all dese places wey you wan go but you fit just visit another state wey dey we country or just other cities wey dey your state. Travelling dey fun and educational at the same time for students.

Na good tin for students to travel as dem go learn plenty tins about the things wey dey around you. But make sure say as you dey travel so, your ear dey ground so you go know wen strike end.


Dis time wey you still dey house, na beta opportunity to improve your social skills. Attend conference with seminars with events sef. No be must say na professional or vocational seminars or events. E fit be events wey go give you opportunity to do wetin you dey like do or just enjoy yourself.

The truth na say, strike like dis wey no get end, wey dem dey call “indefinite” strike no gel at all but if you use am do good, e worth am.

U fit follow drop us oda ways wey you tink say students fit use dis strike well.


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