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For early morning yesterday, these cult men kill one family for Ikorodu wey everybody bin dey think say everywhere don dey calm.

As Punch take talk am, for Oke Ota community for Ibeshe, na him these cult people dem kill one family, Mr. and Mrs. Adejare, and their 2 pikin dem. The third pikin dey coma for Ikorodu General Hospital.

Dem talk say small children wey dem kill name na Siyin and Ajoke. Wey be say one na 5 years and the other one na 1year.

These people enter  Adejare house from their window, take stone scatter all of them their head comot and nobody see them.
Punch talk say dem follow one of their church members wey dey leave  for that area talk and him say him come their house come see their dead body

Him say : We bin get special programme for church and as Church close wey we no see them for Church, na imm we say make we go see them. As dem reach, dem go see as blood full everywhere but one of the three children bin still dey breathe so them rush am go Hospital.

Him follow talk say Buglary proof dey all the windows wey dey the house, na only the kitchen no get. Dem come tear the kitchen net enter the house.

We bin don relax for security matter for this community unto say all this attack bin don clear for some time. Even the Police patrol bin don reduce.

The community leader come talk say, where the Police people dey, e far from the main place where these badoo cultists dey operate.

Him still yan say dem bin don happy as say things bin don better before this one come happen again. Their small girl dey hospital dey collect treatment as  those people bin burst her head.


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