Di man dem dey call, Wole Soyinka wey dey write novels and plenty plenty poems Don condemn wetin herdsmen do for Benue state, as dem kill up to 70 people wey go even pass.

Him Don tell Buhari say him nonchalant attitude and behavior dey show say him dey support Fulani herdsmen well well,say make him no repeat di mistake other President been do,and dem no fit fight BokoHaram and herdsmen.

Soyinka don cry, shout and condemn Buhari government and di way him dey close mouth and dey watch dis people as dem dey kill innocent citizens and dey reduce number of people wey dey Nigeria.

Wole Soyinka talk say, even for di last one wey dem do for last year, say plenty people from other countries chook mouth for the matter talk say, make dem find di way wey dis kind matter go follow end. But say Buhari over look everything.

Soyinka talk say, him dey surprise how IPOB wey be good people come dey answer terrorists and people wey dey carry Ak47, dey kill people never answer terrorists.

Dis professor talk say, government dey busy dey pursue innocent IPOB people and dey forget di people wey be terrorists and no be IPOB members.

Him say na based on say, IPOB people no fit be terrorists make international community no even listen to wetin di old Nigerian leaders Been dey talk.

Him tell buhari say make him know wetin him dey do now, or wetin wey go happen from now no fit dey easy as plenty people don dey prepare well well for him to shut down Nigeria for Dia security and protection.


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