Person wey bin be Ohanaeze President General, Dozie Ikedife don talk am hoohaa, say, United Nations wey be UN, no fit make Igbo People To Dey Nigeria, and dem no get right to tell Igbo People To Dey Nigeria.

Chief Ikedife , don react to wetin United Nations team wey visit person wey be Ohaneze president now talk, Nnia Nwodo, say di talk wey dem talk say, Nigeria nogo divide na lie and e nogo work based on say, United Nations no fit tell Igbo People To still dey Nigeria.

Chief Ikedife, come ask di question say, “Wetin go make United Nations to to dey claim say dem fit tell Igbo People wetin dey good for them?”

As him talk with The Sun, Ikedife yarn again say, plenty Igbo People no fit comfortable for evil wey dey Nigeria now at all.

Ikedife come talk truth say, na Igbo leaders wey no get head as dem don fail for dia leadership dey cause di wahala wey dey Igbo land now.

Him talk am say,
“UN no fit tell us to be in Nigeria! Una no know say na person wey dey wear shoe know where di shoe dey pain am? Why dem go dey drink panadol for person sickness? ”

” Wetin dem suppose talk be say, dem support or dem no support and not to dey talk say Nigeria nogo divide. Dem be God? ”

” if we get people wey go speak our mind, dem go represent us well well, but now we no get, and people wey dey claim say dem dey represent us no get head wetin you wan Igbo People do? ”

” Wen ever Federal government wan discuss with Igbo People, dem go go meet governors wey dey only wan win election and dem no dey represent any Igbo mind ”

“Igbo wahala na say, people wey get bad head, and dia head no correct as dem dey Ohaneze, be di people wey dey claim Igbo Elders.


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