Nigerian Government don tell ECOWAS Court say make dem carry IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu funds human rights file wey dem submit give di court , Throwaway for bush based on wetin dem know.

Federal Government talk say,make ECOWAS throway di file based on say, Nnamdi Kanu don run comot and abandone di trial him be di face for Federal High Court wey dey Abuja.

IPOB Leader bin submit file give ECOWAS Court on March 3, 2016 and ask say, make Federal government give dem $800 million as compensation for di arrest and detention wey no get law support dem do Nnamdi Kanu for 2015.

Di person wey be Federal Government lawyer, Mrs Maimuna Shiru, come talk against di file wey Kanu submit say, as Federal High Court bin give Nnamdi Kanu bail for Abuja, as him bin dey get trial with other people on April 25,2017,say e dey unnecessary for ECOWAS Court to dey try di matta again based on say dem bin arrest am for di treason and felony him do.

Shiru talk say, as Nnamdi Kanu No wan show for court again for him case, say another thing don take over di matta.

Di file wey FG submit against IPOB talk say,
, “As we dey respect Article 88(2 ) for Rules wey dey Community Court for Justice, ECOWAS, dis case no dey head again and dey unnecessary now for us to dey talk am again to adjudicate upon.

“Any result wey we get here nogo work at all.

Also, Thomas Etah, wen wey Nigerian government talk say, Nnamdi Kanu submit dis file on March 3, 2016, and give am bail on April 25.

Him talk say, dis Nnamdi Kanu don jump comot from bail and no person know where him dey.

“For di paragraph 8,di Federal High Court for Abuja come ask di three people wey sign for Nnamdi Kanu say, dem go provide di guy.

“Nigerian government don proscribe terrorist to Di group wey be Indigenous People Of Biafra, and dem talk say IPOB be terrorists now. .

Dis Nigerian lawyers come talk say, something don take over di matta as di matta no get head again.
Nnamdi Kanu lawyer bin talk say need reply from Federal government based on di paper dem submit.

Ejiofor talk to say Federal government sabi wetin dem do, as dem bin don plan to frustrate di matta for ECOWAS Court.

Ejiofor talk say na lie, him no file di matta earlier.

As di tori dey, judge wey dey handle di matta for ECOWAS Court panel, Justice Hameye Mahalmadane, talk say make Federal government interpret wetin dem talk to French people wey no dey hear wetin dem talk.?


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