As one bitcoin value  reach $17,000 on 7 Thursday, plenty people come dey talk about am everywhere for dis month.

Di reason be say dis bitcoin don dey since 2009 wen e first get $790 value by December 2016, and dis year self,  e don climb from $1,000 to around $15656.78 by 8 December 2017.

No be only European and western countries dey use dis bitcoin today, African countries like Zimbabwe and Nigeria don join dey find dis online business. Nigeria still dey use dia own small small, based on say, plenty people never know about dis one after MMM carry dia money run.

Di truth be say, other African countries mainly for South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria –  people never plenty wey dey use am trade online on top forex sites.

But di matta be say, dis bitcoin thing still dey confuse people well well, as person fit no know wetin e be if him no be expert.


Bitcoin be di money wey you no fit touch with hand but you go dey see am for eyes only . Di real name be digital virtual currency and e comot for 2009 , and na Satoshi Nakamoto create dis thing. But di matta be say, di person no wan show himself till today .

Where you fit buy dis bitcoin na for Internet. How you fit use dis Bitcoin be say, you go download di app wey go dey help you dey create and dey save your bitcoin money . And anytime wey you wan sell am, you go use di app sell am too.

Central Bank no follow for dis kind money oo, and no government dey support am. Na only Internet dey do everything and e dey use special computer code .

Bitcoin don join international currency now. You fit use am anywhere you go for dis world . As e dey, shop for Japan wey reach 200,000 dey collect am now dey sell dia goods. But for now, na only 21 million Bitcoins dey available, as e fit make am inflate well well and come crash .

For example, as plenty people don start  dey use am, di demand for di little one wey dey plus say na only dat number of Bitcoin dey available go make di value or price  increase.

As e dey reign now, make una use una brain well well, and no use your hand give yourself health wahala if e crash today. People wey get knowledge for di matter don warn say make people dey use dia brain .

Some people wey get knowledge for am don warn say bitcoin be fraud and e no go last, others don talk dia own say Bitcoin go dey, as plenty people continue to dey accept am.

People wey get knowledge don talk say, as Bitcoin rise like dis, hackers go start dey hack hack di thing for Internet and make every person open dia eyes, based on say dis Bitcoin fit crash as e


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