Person wey been be Minister of Aviation,under Goodluck Jonathan, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Don reply Buhari and tell am say him no fit shut him mouth based on say, him dey talk di evil Buhari dey do with him Fulani herdsmen terrorists.

Him talk am for him twitter handle, after him doctor tell am say make him get bedrest.

Dis man wey no fit hide truth, talk say,
“I been dey for cumpolsary bed rest as my doctors tell me, and I come hear say, some people dey find Me,based on di speech wey I give for Enugu when dem  dey do HANDSHAKE ACROSS DI NIGER. Make you know dis, I no fit change am, based on say, I stand gidigbaa for wetin I talk there. Nothing, even nobody go silence me and close my mouth or stop me to dey speak against evil and injustice.”

Before him talk dis one, him been talk say,

 “Every State Governor MUST provide for  Fulani people with di  grazing colony for him state”- Na wetin Dahiru Bauchi.

But wetin I wan ask be say, na who be dis uncircumcised Philistine wey choose to defy armies of God?

“Na who be dis person wey dey talk and e dey happen when God never talk?


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