Mladic bin get trial for International Criminal Tribunal for di former Yugoslavia (ICTY) since 2012, for di crimes wey him comit as military commander for Bosnia Serb force wey fight against Bosnia Croat and Bosniak army dem.

Court don sabi say him contribute seriously for di killing of 7000 Bosniak men and boys. Court come talk say dis offence na di worse thing wey don happen for Europe since World War 2.

Dem charge am for war crime and crime against humanity, but dem free am from other charges wey include genocide for other areas.

Judge Alphons Orie wey dey in charge of di case read di many crimes wey di troop commit for Mladic command, dem include;
mass rape of Bosniak women and girls
keep Bosniak prisoners for bad condition – e starve dem, beat dem and many of dem sick.

Him terrorise civilians for Sarajevo
Him pursue plenty Bosniak by force comot dia place.
Him destroy Bosniak house plenty including dia mosque dem.

After war end for 1995, Mladic hide 16 years for Serbia.

Finally dem catch for him cousin house inside one village for north of Serbia.


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