Science people  for France don give warning say,  make people stop dey Chop anything dem see, and  dey reason well-well before dem dey chop some food wey dem package, based on say, e fit cause cancer.

Dis people wey cary out di research be Universite Sorbonne Paris Cite.

Dem study 105,000 people for like five years, and  find out say di more people dey chop dis food dem, di higher dia risk to get cancer.

Wetin dis extra-packaging food mean?

  • Food like cake
  • Small-small pieces of chicken, meat and fish wey dem cook.
  • Bread and buns wey dem produce plenty.
  • Sweet snacks wey dem package
  • Chocolate and sweet dem.
  • Soft and sweet drinks
  • Sweet or correct snacks including crisps
  • Noodles and soup
  • Food wey dem don already cook come package
  • Food wey get plenty sugar and oil
Science people say e dey better for person to dey  chop more of fresh better food.

Science peope don already connect wetin people dey chop to cancer before.

For di Tori wey still concern  di health matter, World Health Organisation too don talk  say meat wey dem package too dey increase person get  get cancer small.

But ontop dis latest report some other science people say dem go still need to check am well.

Prof Tom Sanders for Kings’ College London say comma dey di way dem define dis extra package food dem.

“Bread wey dem produce plenty, dem say na ‘extra-packaging bread’ but di one wey one person bake for local bakery no join, as if no be di same ingredients dey inside.” Na wetin him  talk.

Di warning na say make people take dis report with caution, say make dem  no fear sotay dem go start to dey worry demself die ontop di matter sha based on say,  dem never stamp am 100% say true true dis kind  food  dey cause cancer.

Although science people don  agree say as e dey , to dey chop beta food wey pure dey  better.


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