Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd, wey be first indigenous  company wey dey produce motor for Southeast, Igbo land, and  dey produce made in Anambra vehicles, dey invite public people say, make dem come  dia party as dem wan officially launch dia  new  SUVs brands, wey be Innoson IVM G80 and Innoson IVM G40, MPV: Innoson IVM G20, 4×4 Pick UP-Innoson IVM Granite, wey dem produce from dia company, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Plant.

Venue: Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd, at No. 2 Innoson Ind. Estate, Akwu-Uru, Uru Umudim Nnewi

Time :Monday, wey be 11th day for December 2017 by 11am at di factory compound

Dem talk say, if una come, e go make di party ccelebration dey good well well.

Dem add for dia talk say,

“As we dey wait for you to come, we dey expect say we go treat you well “.


Di matter be say, na only dis company dey produce motor for Igbo land and dey company dey try well well.


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