Di UN Women don  recognise di Aba women riot wey happen for  1929 as e be  noteworthy women-led demonstration, wey cause  revolution for women defence on top women rights in Nigeria.

Dem talk say,

“Based on dia  social standing under colonial rule, di  Igbo women come carry  palm leaves, wey be  Facebook invite today , to dia fellow sisters across wey dey Southeastern Nigeria.

“Together dem come out in  thousands to ‘sit on’ or make ‘war on’ top di warrant chiefs wey dey misbehave and come dey shame dem for public with singing, dancing, banging on  walls and even dey tear  down roofs.

“We know say di revenge against di protests come turn deadly, but  e make di chiefs  resign and come make market tax for women drop ,” di  UN Women talk am.

Dem mark dis protest on March 8, and under dia  2018 theme, “Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives”, events wey dey  around di world come get di better  work wey di women activists do and dia mobilisation for change.

Di first International Women Day wey dem do in  1911 get  plenty people wey pass  one million people from  Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on top women suffrage and labour rights.

Based on wetin  UN Women talk,for early years, Di Day been be new way  to protest World War I.


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