Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, don  react On top di  reports week talk say, him talk say   “him dey  regret everything wey him talk  about President Muhammadu Buhari”.

Dis Tori dey come after  Fayose shake hands with Buhari  Council of State meeting, on Thursday.

Fayose talk say dat kind report no come from him mouth and na big lie, as him come add say, na wetin people wey no get work and dey try detract people dey do.

Based on wetin him talk , Fayose still dey  stand by everything wey him talk about di Buhari-led administration, and him no get any apology for anybody.

Fayose for him tweet write am say : “ Make every person no accept Di statements wey talk say I dey regret anything wey I dey talk against Buhari oo, I still maintain my stand.”

” I no make any statements wey resemble dat kind thing and I no talk anything wey dey like dat ”

“I stand for anything wey I talk about President and him govt.”

As him react to wetin  , former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode talk , him talk say  dat  Fayose no fit regret dey criticise  Buhari government.

For wetin him write for him tweets, Fani-Kayode come talk say,  “lions no dey do  u-turns and spirit-filled warriors no dey get fear”.

He write am say:

“Di tori talk say my friend and my brother @GovAyoFayose dey regret wetin him don talk about @MBuhari ,but na FAKE.”

“I no even wan talk to him to know wetin happen .”

“Lions no dey  do U-turns and Spirit-filled warriors no get fear. People wey dey like Fayose be  steel wey dem use produce am …”

“Hell go freeze well well, before Peter di Rock go compromise and make him hand bow for Buhari satanic alter. I can swear  for am.”


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