People wey be Members for Southern Mandate for Nigeria don talk say, di person wey be Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari don turn to vegetable and no dey fit to go for 2019 elections as president, based on say, Nigerians no trust am again as dem don dey see am like liar.

Di group for dia statement wey dia National Coordinator, Comrade Francis Ikonomwan give for Benin, Edo State, talk say,make Buhari no try contest for di 2019 election for president and make him deliver him promise wey him promise before him term end.

Di statement talk say

, “President Muhammadu Buhari never deliver him promise at all, and him suppose not contest for anything again. Even for di corruption wey dem dey talk say dem dey fight don enter under carpet and dem dey romance di corruption fight with dia nose and mouth and not to dey fight am with dear head and good mind.

DI matta be say, President Buhari administration no get any connection with Naija people, and hunger, poverty don kill Naija people well well. Di hunger and poverty dey get power everyday and dey increase everytime. 

“If APC try am to carry dia presidential flag give Buhari, i dey fear say, our opposition party go win di election without any stress. 

“As e dey, we dey tell Buhari say, make him contest again.

“President Muhammadu suppose dey think on how him go fulfil di promise wey him give naija people.


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